is an action that Iris Optiek has set up with a number of renowned restaurateurs.
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Win a pair of FREE reading glasses with your own strength!!
You have received reading glasses as a gift from your restaurateur; on these reading glasses, you will find a unique code. Enter this code!
Every two weeks, a winner will be announced via email.
This person will be invited to one of our Optiek stores for a professional eye examination and receive FREE reading glasses with her/his own strength worth € 89.00.
Completion form perfect glasses action.


Very often, I notice that people in my surrounding solve their reading problem with ready-made reading glasses. Often, this issue is also raised when I have a delicious dinner with a number of people in a cozy restaurant. The one who has been so wise to take his/her reading glasses with him/her is immediately requested to let them be (mis)used by the whole table….
Frequently, the waiter is asked for an “emergency solution” and you get old and used reading glasses with which you can barely take your order for the starter and main course.
The disadvantage of these readymade glasses is that they are made for standard people: standard pupillary distance between the center of the right and left lens and the same strength on both sides!
Fortunately, when you look around you, you see that almost no one looks like each other in appearance, and of course not on the inside either.
The chance that you need the same strength as your husband/wife is very small obviously. Therefore, it is imperative that your eyes are properly examined and that you consciously decide how to solve your reading problem.
Therefore, if you show your reading glasses of “,” you can get your eyes measured for free at one of the branches of Iris Optiek.
For addresses and opening hours, click here.
And if you fill out your data with the glasses code on this form, you could win a complete pair of reading glasses with your own strength, FOR FREE!